NWA Bridal Community aims to connect great bridal vendors with engaged couples, looking to plan the wedding of their dreams.


Our mission

We’re with you every step of the way. The team and vendors with  NWA Bridal Community understand exactly how much coordination it takes to put on an unforgettable, spectacular event.

For years, NWA Democrat-Gazette has hosted one of the most anticipated events of the year with the annual Northwest Arkansas Bridal Show. This people-packed gathering was a whirlwind of prizes, demonstrations and vendor booths. The bustling weekend attracted thousands, but we wondered if there wasn’t a better way to give engaged couples and bridal enthusiasts a place to gather that wasn’t as overwhelming and chaotic.

As we thought about the process of planning a wedding – where does it start and what is most helpful – we came back to one concept time and time again. From your official status change to engaged, the picture of the newly ringed finger, the hours of browsing for ideas and narrowing down the right place to say “I do,” the place to go first is online.

The NWA Bridal Community is a pioneer in wedding planning with the inaugural Northwest Arkansas Virtual Bridal Show. The launch our new nwabridalcommunity.com site kicks off Friday, Sept. 25.

From 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on September 25 & 26, we will host a live chat with vendors for you to ask specific questions other engaged couples. Although we won’t have free food samples at this virtual show, we will be giving away incredible prizes every hour from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday & Saturday.

We are very excited about this groundbreaking event that will bring together the best resources for you as you plan your wedding in Northwest Arkansas. You can return to this innovative bridal show site throughout the year, but prizes and live chat features will only be featured during the live event weekend.

As you plan your wedding and dance into happy matrimony, we’ll be here to light your path. Let us know how it goes and how we can continue to build the best resource for weddings in Northwest Arkansas. http://nwabridalcommunity.com/contact.

Our Team

We are a creative digital agency with a passion for design, performance and style.
We work both independently and collaboratively with the power of the region’s largest newspaper – the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Years of putting on dozens of bridal shows and working with brides and vendors to create magical moments, gives us another edge in this fun business.

We bring the best of  the new and old world together – just like a great wedding.

Kiesha Doss

Bridezilla: The Task Master

Not only does she keep the bridal planners in tip top shape, but she makes sure that everyone is at the church on time. Oh and she's the team guru at making things pretty and functional in the virtual sphere.


Bridal Quiz Creator Extraordinaire

Brittany makes sure that clients are successful in their digital campaigns, while pairing up TV styles with engagement ring selections. She won't lead you astray.


Bridal Wordsmith

We have ideas. Amber takes them and makes beautiful bridal sentences out of them. We really couldn't share our brilliance or yours without her. Or as Brittany would say, ``blah blah bladity blah`` and then ``you know what to say, right Amber?``


Forced to the Altar

Mat's know-how on all things digital requires that he gets engaged in fun bridal websites and projects without true consent.

Want to be a part of the Virtual Bridal Show? Contact one of our friendly staff members to get your virtual bridal booth set up: bridalshow@nwadg.com