Top 8 Tips About Wedding Photography

Top 8 Tips About Wedding Photography

There are few things that often fall into the DIY category for weddings. Photography is probably not one of them. Having a professional who is solely committed to preserving those once-in-a-lifetime moments is a worthy investment and here’s 8 tips to get the best memories captured on film:

1. Hire a professional photographer and tell Uncle Bob to leave his camera at home

The day will go by in a flash and the pictures from that day are priceless. Asking a family friend who shoots landscapes or family get-togethers is not the same thing as a pro. If your casual photographer botches the shot, that’s a tough resentment to overcome.

2. Discuss the must-shoot moments, details and people

Most photographers will have a list of common shots, but be specific about your must-have shots. Think about what is special to you – an heirloom necklace you’re wearing, the landscape setting of the venue, a close-up of the table settings or a detail of your dress or special guests that are not in the wedding party.

3. Discuss the timeline of the event with the photographer

Natural light and the time of day will have a large affect on how the pictures turn out. Use the experience of the photographer to set up the best time to get portraits so you don’t pictures that are too bright or with dramatic shadows.

“We create wedding day timelines for all of our clients. It’s not just our job to capture amazing photos, we want to give you an overall amazing experience and make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.”

Mary & Dustin of DuMond Photography

4. Choose a photographer that you would hang out with

Being comfortable in front of the camera is much easier when you are comfortable with the photographer. You are going to be spending several hours with your personal paparazzi and they will be witness to your very emotional and personal moments.

5. Schedule an engagement session with the same photographer

The engagement photos are a good time to get comfortable with the photographer. You don’t have to look at the camera every time you are photographed, either, just be natural and interact with your spouse-to-be.

6. Let the moments happen naturally

Having a timeline for the day will let the photographer be able to capture the spontaneous moments, without missing the cutting of the cake or the first dance.

7. Plan a mock grand exit

If you want to drive off into the sunset and also dance until the day breaks, you can have it all. When you have a hired photographer, a mock exit gives you get the perfect drive-away shot without ending the party early. Plus, it opes a window for guests to depart at a reasonable hour if they wish.

8. Consider a First-look

A first-look photo is a staged meeting before the ceremony where the engaged couple meets in their wedding attire. It can be in addition to or instead of post-ceremony couple shots. Be sure to schedule extra time for this moment of the day where time stands still.

Amber Stanley-Kruth