Mix bold, brilliant colors with soft textures

Top Wedding Colors for Fall 2015

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The end of 2015 is ringing with rich, elegant, enchanting colors – think gemstones. Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst and Onyx are radiating on the pages of trending wedding designs. Paired with neutral and pastel shades, these regal colors make a bold statement without making an overstatement.

Autumn-blooming flowers offer a vibrant array of options that harmonize with the primary gemstone colors. Burgundy cockscombs add a velvety texture to silky petals of a Simplicity White rose. A Blushing Bride hydrangea absorbs the brilliant color burst of a Diva dahlia. The florescent shimmer of a Blue Asiatic Lily highlights the softer-toned an Amethyst alstroemeria.

The Pantone Wedding guide, produced exclusively by The Dessy Group, is a highly respected authority on the schematics of wedding design. Top designers anticipate the announcement of the Color of the Year and insight into the color palettes of the season that will weave into the most admired weddings of the year.

The online resource http://www.dessy.com/PANTONE has a collection of inspired style boards that show how colors and accents work together, and paper swatches communicate wedding colors to coordinators and members of the wedding party.

Embrace elegance with a midnight blue, wild berry and antique gold palette, as shown in the Rustic Autumn Nights board by Kate (http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=42096)

Elevate the traditional autumn spectrum with soft shades of clementine and luscious Bordeaux, as shown in the Late Autumn board by Gills (http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=68422)

Showcase the natural shift to winter with the rustic-chic design of the Back to Nature board by Bride to be (http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=48780)

Elicit the nostalgia of spring in the fall with the classic look of Sage and Linen by Angelise07 (http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=39179)

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Amber Stanley-Kruth